With great understanding we recognize the situation you are currently in: it has never been more difficult to plan the next months. And right now it is more important than ever for hosts to be well equipped when guests are planning their holidays again - so that they can receive bookings smoothly and work professionally!


Tourism and the success of each individual host has been close to our heart for many years. There has never been an exceptional situation like the one we are currently experiencing. All the more reason for us tourism professionals to stick together and help each other wherever possible.


We may be a software company and hotel program, but we are above all the contact person and advisor for our customers. That's why we support with all our available resources "from the home office for the home office" so that landlords are not left alone even in these difficult times. In concrete terms this means: free e-books, daily online training and great free system enhancements. And we also want to make the start easier for hosts who are not yet working with us: you now have the opportunity to start with JULIA for free. Together we will get over this crisis.

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How does the free JULIA campaign work?

For how long can i use JULIA for free?

We would like to motivate all hosts who are uncertain whether an investment in a system is worthwhile to try it now. Because we know: yes it is worth it and we would like to support you! That means: until the reopening of the accommodation facilities, owners who do not yet work with easybooking can use JULIA now completely free of charge & without risk. Only when JULIA has generated the 5th booking and has done what it can, we will charge the costs.

Can i stop being part of the campaign at any time?

That would be a great pity, because we invested a lot of time together to set up JULIA for you. But: we take this risk and you can just stop working with JULIA at any time. You will not receive an invoice for any service from us. The deal is: only from the 5th booking on and there is no catch!

Support during the crisis:

JULIA is now free of charge

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